About Us

We here at JHA Reptiles are a reptiles second chance at their forever home. Right now we are slowly building a home for all these unwanted reptiles. Please don't release them into the wild not only is it cruel it’s illegal and they won't survive on there own all they’ve known is being a pet ! We will take them all in with no questions as to why you don’t want them anymore. You can just contact us ...

Why We Started

In 2019, JHA Reptiles was co-created by Joseph Allen, a Landscaper and reptile enthusiast. The company was launched to efficiently recover the health of reptiles, find them new homes and ensure they thrive every step of the way.


Reptiles are one of the most neglected groups of animals out there. This means countless animals suffering from easily avoidable ailments and high risk illnesses.

​Helping debilitated reptiles is the most rewarding part of JHA Reptiles. We are not licensed veterinarians, but a small team of experienced keepers who have worked with hundreds of animals to date.

When needed, we seek licensed clinics for more advanced assistance and technology. 90% of our reptiles taken in end up recovering to perfect health. We expect this percentage to rise even more as we gain knowledge, experience and continue growing.

122 animals and counting 98% success rate


Once happy and healthy, reptiles are listed for sale on JHA Reptiles to responsible keepers around the United States.

Unlike almost any other sellers in the pet trade, we verify every customer before sending a reptile off, ensuring they meet our standards. We aren't afraid to decline concerning buyers.

We do not accept donations, are not a non-profit, and have never claimed to be one.

JHA Reptiles is a for-profit company with a business model that allows us to increase our efforts in helping reptiles and keepers while growing as a strong, sustainable brand.

launched October, 2019 based in New York, USA